Burbage Congregational Church, as a community (variously called Dissenters, Independents, Congregationalists) goes back to humble origins in a barn in January 1671 / 2 (i.e., 1671 in the old calendar, 1672 in today’s). The year is significant as such worship was then still illegal, and the famous Dissenter John Bunyan was still in Bedford jail. Limited freedom followed, but then renewed persecution. Some Quakers joined together with these Independents, and a larger barn was needed. But once they were discovered, economic persecution followed, forcing many out of the village. But after 1689 came greater freedom, and the Independents of Hinckley and Burbage often met together. Numbers grew in the 18 th century, and then lessened, as press gangs took their toll. The first building was built in 1815, and the current building was put up in 1895 (on the same site), as a larger building was needed. This sanctuary remains largely unchanged, and is the only church in Burbage with traditional pews. Schoolrooms were built later, including the most recent additions, finished in 2007. These enable the church to be a place of welcome for the community, for the many groups and events happening here. Recent ministers include: E. H. Jones (1938-44); S. H. Hodgson (1944-45); P. J. Thompson (1946- 78); George Lea (1978-92); John Moore (1992-96); Derek Hams (1997-2010); Barry Jacques (2010- 13); and Anthony Thacker (2014-2018).
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