Burbage Congregational Church is a community with deep roots in Burbage. Our current building is late nineteenth century, but our history goes back a lot further than that. Congregational churches are amongst the oldest churches in England, back to the days of persecution in the days of the Tudors and Stuarts, because our tradition did not follow the normal pattern of rule by national or even local leaders, whether religious or civic, but by the congregation listening to Jesus, and learning to follow him together. Today, we are a friendly community, in a traditional church, with pews, organ and very good organists serving us, using a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs. Our community works together well, with a series of church and community events in which people quickly feel welcome and belong. We value our links with other churches in Burbage and Hinckley and play an active part in events like HOPE 2014, HOPE 2018. We are playing a strong part in the development of our ecumenical partnership in Burbage. Burbage Congs (as we call ourselves) are also keen on our thriving community links.
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Burbage Congregational Church